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Patent Research

Every inventor conducts Patent Search to confirm that his invention does not infringe with any other earlier patented invention. An authorized invention is the property of an inventor.

We can help you if you are interested in obtaining a professional patent search, opinion and consultation regarding your invention and how best to proceed. Our patent search service results in better understanding of your invention, and lays the foundation upon which to build a patent application, you should choose to move forward.

Patent searches include specific set of searches like Prior Art Search, Novelty Search, Patent Infringement Search, Freedom-to-Operate Search, State-of-the-Art Search and Validity/ Invalidity Search.

With vast experience in the area of Patent Information and Information Retrieval, We provide various searches utilizing patent and non-patent literature databases - We are highly proficient in the technical analysis of patents, particularly in the areas of Engineering, Chemistry, Biotech/ Life Sciences and Pharmaceuticals.

Patentability search:
A patentability search is conducted to determine the novelty of the invention/idea. The search helps to evaluate a particular invention and get an insight into the already existing technologies.

Validity/ Invalidity Search:
Validity/ Invalidity search is done to identify documents or prior use that may reduce the claim scope for one or more claims of a granted patent or to invalidate a granted patent.

Freedom-to-Operate Search:
A Freedom To Operate (FTO) study is done to determine the obstacles and barriers to entry of a product in a patent jurisdiction. An FTO study helps avoid costly mistakes and lets you identify and assess major patent players.

State-of-the-Art Search:
A state of the art search is directed to finding patents that represents the general state of art (technology) to a particular type of invention or subject matter. A state of the art search is similar to a collection search but the searcher is allowed judgment in selecting patents. This type of search normally locates patents from the last 15 to 20 years, including published patent applications.

Infringement search:
An infringement search normally involves the careful review of unexpired U.S. patents to locate claims which read on the invention at issue. Additionally, analogous art areas are also investigated and supplied to assist you to address the issue of contributory infringement. The most relevant patents will be reviewed in Shepherd's Citations to assist you in your analysis.

Every outgoing report undergoes three levels of Quality Checks (QC).
•  First level is an ' Understanding QC ' wherein the project manager cross checks the understanding prepared by the researcher/resource.
•  Second level is the 'Key string QC' wherein every key string prepared by the researcher is analyzed by the project manager.
•  Third level is the 'Final QC' stage, wherein the entire search is reviewed and the report is proof read.

Report is modular, easy to understand and results are relevant and complete with relevant portions underlined.

The security of the information provided to us by our clients in our topmost priority. All the information exchange that happens between us and the client as well amongst the employees is through a secure system.

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