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Database Research
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Database Research

Euro Teck Solution provides you the database collection service based on the years of experience we have in our credit. We collect required information online either from the database maintained by the clients or from websites or based on their requirement. Then this information is entered in to windows applications like MS-Excel or MS-Access database or into customized application. We also do on-line data entry through remote desktop application.

Methods of Data Collection:
  • Telephone Research
  • Internet Research
  • Paper based Self-completion Research
  • Internet based Self-completion Research
Mailing List Development
Euro Teck Solution offers high quality based outsourcing service such as mailing list compilation which will help the business concerns to boost marketing. We provide you with a secure environment wherein the mailing list is protected by following international security standards. Our service is reliable, cost effective and business promoting one.

Data extraction from the web
Euro Teck Solution provides the hosted solution for Data extraction from web. By the term 'Data extraction from the web' we mean that the data is extracted from web into MS-Excel sheet or into any database which is organized systematically. Data thus extracted is also entered directly into databases through remote access. Data scattered over different pages can be collected and put in a single location. Data is entered in row and column format into Excel sheet or into database tables as required by the client.

Data cleansing and cleaning
We provide the service of data cleansing and checking of database wherein during data cleansing we clean the data by correcting all those data that are incorrect, wrongly spelt and incomplete or data with unwanted fields or duplicate entries. During data cleansing process data is validated for accurate entries. Data cleansing process is the final step whereby the data is checked for quality rich content which must help the business concerns at the time of requirement. We check for data completeness, data correction, data consistency etc. Once the data is cleaned up it must be updated timely to get a quality data. Data cleansing process includes validation of the data and correction of data. Our aim is to give data that is value oriented.

We provide the following service:
  1. Removal of obsolete data
  2. Standardization of files.
  3. Removal of similar records
  4. Completion of incomplete lines if necessary

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