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Euro Teck Solutions is a leading provider of integrated knowledge services and solutions to the scientific & business communities across the world - helping clients build intellectual property world over, through cutting edge information and research. Euro Teck Solutions offers world class knowledge, database, research & analysis and intellectual property services to clients in the US , UK & Europe. In operation for over 5 years, we have built a strong international client's, that include leading technology consulting and Fortune 500 companies.

ETS leverages its innovative and state-of-the-art services & solutions, expertise and more than two decades of experience to offer niche services in Content Enhancement & Knowledge services, Master Data Management services and Patent Search Analytics & Business Research services.  

With over 150 professionals, mostly Engineers, MBA & CPA equivalent, patent engineers & business editors, ETS has created a new kind of evolving e-knowledge organization that is based on the emerging paradigm of linking knowledge and human resources around the world without regard to geographical distances. ETS value added services are executed from a remote location, thereby enabling substantial savings for its clients.

Our client portfolio consists of corporations, individual inventors, law firms, patent attorneys, investors, start-ups, IP brokerage firms and academic institutions.

Our goal is to help companies develop innovative products and technologies by better understanding emerging technologies, opportunities and intellectual property strategies. We strive to provide our clients with practical knowledge and understanding of their IP landscape, which in turn helps them make informed decisions about R&D planning and business strategy development. In addition to our technical analysis of patent work for major companies, we develop tailor-made frameworks and patent solutions for start-ups, investors and academia.

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