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Our Methodology and Process
There are normally two ways of uploading products on an ecommerce store
1) manually using database admin section and
2) uploading products using a spreadsheet template.
To carry out these techniques, we can easily collect product related information from different sources such as manufacturer websites, supplier websites, digital catalogues and Google research. Also, we're quite familiar with the different product lines and have experienced personnel to perform on your project.

ETS has extensive experience in various catalogue processing projects. Our product inventory management or catalogue processing services include adding/updating product related information such as:
  •  Product Name or Title
  •  Brands / MFGs
  •  SKUs
  •  Part Numbers
  •  Product Descriptions
  •  Product Images
  •  Categories
  •  Stores
  •  Shipping
  •  Price etc.
Products supplier's website or hard copy provided by clients.

What we do while eCommerce Maintenance?

  •  Web research for product information (e.g. description, features, specifications, images etc.)
  •  Product category / sub-category study before adding into database
  •  Product price comparison across competitor eCommerce websites
  •  Adding / Removing product options (e.g. colour, size etc.) as per the availability on stock
  •  Product keywords creation to make product page SEO compatible
  •  Product Image background editing and renaming for SKUs
  •  Product Image resizing (for thumbnail, normal and zoom view)

ETS has a qualified team for product image editing task. The good quality images show great impact to customers and they attract customers to buy the product. Usually customers decide to buy a product after reviewing image and if it’s clear and bright then they would purchase immediately, while bad images may be a reason of fall in your daily sale.

We provide graphic support to our customers for image cleaning, changing image background colour, adding border, adding watermark and image resizing task.

Our reporting method and your benefits
  •  A Project Manager will be in touch with you to make you up-to-date
  •  Unbelievable productivity with Unmatched output accuracy
  •  Efficient training methodologies for your account team members
  •  Competent and skilled QC (quality checking) teams
  •  Cost-effective pricing packages
  •  Unquestionable confidentiality of your business process and product
Outsource catalog processing / online store maintenance services to us to increase your company's profits and reduce company's in house costs(administration costs) upto 65%.

You can CONTACT US at any time with queries regarding your website catalog processing outsourcing needs as we provide 24×7 customer support.

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